Top 10 Indian Cricketers Hottest Wives

Top 10 Indian Cricketers Hottest Wives

Cricketers are not only loves on field. They are liked and loved off the field for the style amendment they bring about off the field. In fact, their wives add a lot of charm to this industry with their graceful presence.India is a country where cricket is worshiped by the followers.Cricket fans are not just interested to know about their favorite cricketers on field. They are curious to know about their off field interests and lives too. Here are some of the Indian Cricketers Hottest Wives.

#10 Suresh Raina – Priyanka Chaudhary

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Suresh Raina Wife Priyanka Choudhary

Indian cricketer, Suresh Raina married Priyanka Chaudhary on April 3, 2015. While the two were childhood friends, this match was arranged by the efforts of Raina’s mother. Priyanka worked as an IT professional with a bank in Netherlands before getting married to the cricketer.

#09 Robin Uthappa – Sheethal Goutham

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Sheethal Goutham Robin Uthappa Wife

Sheetal has represented India at various levels while Robin is the star batsman of IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. Wife of Robin Uthappa Sheethal Goutham  is a former tennis player. Sheethal is known for her dedicated sportsmanship just like her hubby. Sheetal Gautam was born on 28 July 1987. She is very close to his mother and she always takes advice from her regarding any important decision. This talented tennis player has achieved so much in a very short time. She truly impressed the viewers with her marvelous performance, beautiful smile and dedication towards her work.

#08 Dinesh Karthik – Deepika Pallikal

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Wife of Dinesh Karthik Dipeeka Pallikal

Dapeeka Pallikal is an Indian squash player. She is the first Indian squash player to break into the top 10 in the professional squash Association Women’s rankings. Dipika Pallikal was born in Chennai to a Malayali family. She is the daughter of Sanjiv and Susan Pallikal from the state of Kerala.Her mother played international cricket for the Indian women’s team. On 15 November 2013, she became engaged to Indian Cricketer Dinesh Karthik. They married traditional Christian wedding style and Hindu wedding style on 18 August 2015 and 20 August 2015, respectively.

#07 Gautam Gambhir – Natasha Jain Gambhir

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Gautam Gambhir Wife Natasha Jain Gambhir

Natasha Jain Gambhir and Gautam Gambhir were childhood friends.They got married i in October 2011. An extrovert and outgoing woman, Natasha has keen interest in jewelry designing. She has very refined tastes in the ways she styles herself and the two make a really good pair. Natasha belongs to a prominent business family. He currently resides in Delhi.Natasha is a well-qualified girl who has secured a degree in BBA. Natasha Jain London business school signifies her sound education.

#06 Irfan Pathan – Safa Baig

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Safa Baig Irfan Pathan Wife

Safa Baig is a former model. She was born and brought up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She was a model and has worked as journalist too. Safa Baig started his modeling career in United Arab Emirates. She has worked in a PR firm as an executive editor and was featured in several prominent fashion magazines in the Gulf. Safa got married to the Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan on February 4,2016 in Saudi Arabia.


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#05 MS Dhoni – Sakshi Singh Dhoni

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MS Dhoni Wife Sakshi Dhoni

Sakshi Dhoni is the wife of Captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Indian Cricket Team Captain. Sakshi was born on November 19, 1986. Her father is an executive director with the Kanoi Group’s Binaguri Tea Company. She has studied from Welham Girls in Dehradun and graduated from Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad. She has completed her training from Taj Bengal’s front office in Kolkata.

Sakshi and Dhoni met at the Taj Bengal in Kolkata, where India was playing against Pakistan at the Eden Gardens. It was a common friend Yudhajit Dutta who used to be close with MS Dhoni. He was the one who had called Sakshi and another common friend to meet up with Dhoni. Sakhsi is at 05 in our list of Indian Cricketers Hottest Wives.

#04 Shikhar Dhawan – Ayesha Mukherjee

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Shikhar Dhawan Wife Ayesha Mukharjee

Ayesha Mukherjee is an Angol-British Boxer. She was born in 27 August 1975 in Australia. Her mother is British and father is an Indian Bengali. Ayesha Mukherjee first married to an Australian Businessman and were together for about 10 years. She got divorced in 2012. After taking divorce, she married to Shikhar Dhawan on 30 October 2012. Ayesha is 10 years elder to Dhawan and has two girls from her previous marriage. The couple has a baby boy named Zoravar Dhawan. Despite of her age, she is undoubtedly among the Indian Cricketers Hottest Wives

#03 Stuart Binny – Mayanti Langer

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Stuart Binny Wife Mayanti Langer

3rd in the list of Indian Cricketers Hottest Wives is Mayanti Langer. Mayanti Langer is an anchor and sports journalist who is currently working with Star TV Network. She has hosted many tournaments like Football Cafe on Zee Sports, 2010 FIFA World Cup broadcast on ESPN, 2010 Commonwealth Games, 2011 Cricket World Cup, 2014 Indian Premier League and 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. Sports always brings people closer. This is what happened with Binny and Mayanti. Their shared love for cricket became the reason for their closeness. After dating for a while, the two married on September 2012.

#02 Yuvraj Singh – Hazel Keech

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Hazel Kech Yuvraj Singh’s Wife

Hazel Keech is an Indian actress and model. He has appeared in Bollywood movies like Bodyguard. She has also appeared in many TV Commercials. Hazel also took part in Indian reality TV show BIG BOSS 7 in November 2013. She engaged to Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh On November 12, 2015 . They married on  November 30, 2016. Hazel is truly one of the Indian Cricketers Hottest Wives.

#01 Harbhajan Singh – Geta Basra

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Harbhajan Singh Wife Geta Basra

She is Hottest of the Indian Cricketers Hottest Wives. Geta Basra is a former model who turned into an actress. Basra belongs to the Punjabi Indian family. He was born in England. Now a days she lives in Mumbai. Basra has worked in Bollywood movies like Dil Diya Hay, The Train and Second Hand Husband. She married Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh on 29 October 2015 in Jalandhar, Punjab. Both now have a daughter named Hinaya Heer Plaha. Their daughter was born on July 27, 2016. It is true to say that Harbhajan Singh was caught into a “DOOSRA” from charming Geta Basra.


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